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Regardless of the size or the complexity of the project, our promise is to pay full attention in addressing the customer's requirements and provide the best options and the higher value for their investment.

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Cannabis HVAC Systems

Cannabis indoor growing is one of the industries that depends greatly on the control of the indoor environment. Accurate environment control would certainly to the best yield and quality. Temperature and humidity control goes hand in hand. Filtration level and particulate migration control can play a big rule in controlling the optimum growing environment. Finally CO2 is a vital factor in the healthy growth of the plants, both concentration and uniform dispersion are as important. At SIG we have the experience and expertise to design HVAC systems that can meet your targets very closely. We have long experience also in achieving the building proper pressure regiment to control odor migration and cross contamination. We utilize different technologies to control the odor that is usually critical in the success of any growing operation. We will be happy to address all your needs in this field. We provide engineering, construction, project management and service for all your needs in regards to dedicated HVAC system for any Cannabis grow operation large or small. We will discuss your needs and targets and will propose the exact solution to meet them. Many companies do not understand the particulars of cannabis indoor particulars and they try to adapt simple commercial solutions just to end with endless problems. SIG are also experienced in trouble shooting and upgrading such systems and can suggest the most economical modifications and improvements where needed bearing your capital investment in mind. SIG is also a partner with Priva Controls and successfully we have completed many indoor growing projects