Innovative Mechanical Services and Solutions for the Food Industry

It is of utmost importance in the food and beverage industry to uphold appropriate food processing temperatures so as to extend the life span of your goods and provide your customers with the best possible product. Ensuring the right food processing temperatures is indispensable when it comes to extending the shelf life of your goods, allowing you to sell more, diminish spoilage, avert food waste, and constantly offer a secure product to your customers. Products must be kept and carried at suitable temperatures so as to lessen the possibility of any potentially hazardous food safety problems, such as food-borne illnesses.

S.I.G. Mechanical Services understands that your food or beverage plant requires minimal downtime for maintenance. We also understand that you are balancing the need to cut costs while improving the quality and safety of the products you offer to your customer base. Whether you are constructing something new, refurbishing, or requiring your equipment serviced and preserved, our specialist team of professional engineers, project managers, estimators, and certified tradespeople have the expertise and experience to get the job done correctly.