S.I.G. offers mechanical construction services that can be customized to suit specific client requirements. At S.I.G., projects are handled from start to finish by our experienced engineers, project managers and foremen. We have a robust internal review system and ensure that the projects get delivered to the client’s satisfaction. Our long-standing relationships with our clients are proof of our attention to detail and excellence in execution.

We provide a wide range of construction services for the Commercial, Food, Industrial, Municipal, Pharmaceutical and Public sectors:

  • Applications
  • Building Automation & Energy Efficient Control
  • Systems
  • Building System Upgrades
  • Complete Building Retrofits
  • Computer Rooms
  • Custom Built Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Special Process
  • Custom Built Hoods for Dust & Smoke
  • Elimination
  • Steam to Gas Conversions
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Industrial Ventilation Systems – Make Up Air & Special Exhaust Systems
  • New Installations
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms
  • Process Control Systems
  • Replacements
  • Tenant Retrofits
  • Technical reviews
  • Planning and budgeting.
  • Operating costs vs. first costs analysis
  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning design and installation
  • Plumbing design and installation
  • Life safety design and installation
  • Building automation and security design and installation.

Our Strength is our Commitment

At S.I.G., we are committed to providing you the best solutions that meet your needs in the most cost-effective way. We have a meticulous approach to the planning and execution of projects irrespective of their size. Our Construction team stands on a solid foundation of values, experience, and best practices like:

  • A skilled and competent construction crew
  • Our engineering department is fully committed to ensuring that all work complies with design specifications, codes, standards, and best engineering practices.
  • Complete assistance from our service staff to make sure that your service needs are always taken care of
  • Meeting deadlines for construction.
  • Prepare a comprehensive set of construction documentation, such as coordinated drawings, shop drawings, manuals, wiring diagrams, progress reports, as-built drawings, and more
  • Professional advice on how to complete the project on time and within budget without sacrificing quality
  • We think that a satisfied customer is one who meets their goals at the price specified.
  • We adhere to all consumer safety guidelines as well as legal requirements thanks to our own safety policy.

Certificate of Authorization – Technical Standards & Saftey Authority

“We have a commitment to provide you with a cost effective, trouble free, energy efficient installation, on time and within your budget. No matter what your construction requirements may be, we have the expertise and know how to get the job done right.”

Craig J JohannessenField & Service Manager