The expertise to ensure ideal conditions

The impact of space conditions on the product being manufactured is critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

HVAC services for the pharmaceutical sector involve several critical aspects, including the selection of building materials and finishes, the flow of equipment, personnel, and products, and the determination of key parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressures, filtration, airflow parameters, and cleanroom classification. It also governs the level of control over various parameters for quality assurance, regulating acceptance criteria, facility validation, and operation and maintenance documentation. It is critical to study the application, identify various factors affecting particulate count, and determine the level of contamination that can be tolerated when designing an air-conditioning system for pharmaceutical plants.

A super clean environment with controlled temperature and relative humidity is now required for a variety of applications in Pharmaceutical Plants. The cleanrooms have defined environmental control of particulate and microbial contamination and are built, maintained, and used in such a way that contaminants are introduced, generated, and retained as little as possible.

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