Applying Innovative Technology

Advanced retrofits provide long-lasting solutions.

At S.I.G Mechanical services, increased efficiency, improved performance, and optimizing output are at the forefront of our service standards. Retrofitting solutions are available to give new life to older structures. By applying innovative technology and retrofitting systems to reduce emissions, the overall quality of your space and budget can be improved. The main benefits of Retrofitting are Energy Efficiency and savings, optimization of your systems, and extended lifespan.

We are well-versed in local and national requirements for business Government Energy Savings, allowing us to assist our clients in all aspects of retrofitting services. Our knowledge enables us to collaborate with our clients to make the best and most cost-effective decisions. We work hard not only to find and implement the best solutions for our clients but also to keep those solutions maintained and functional over time.

We have performed numerous mechanical system retrofits over the years, whether for a single unit or an entire plant. We plan every job to ensure the least amount of structural damage while keeping repair costs as low as possible. High-quality materials and workmanship are our specialties, and we take special care during each stage of the project. Furthermore, we work to ensure that all upgrades, improvements, and retrofitting services exceed industry minimum standards to provide long-term and cost-effective solutions for our customers.